Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Twittenator Review

So what is the Twittenator? This is an awesome program that will build your followers list, on twitter, automatically and will send your tweets out whenever you want...automatically. That is what I enjoy most about this, 90% of this is done on autopilot. But the real question is still up in your head isn't it?...HOW DO I MAKE MONEY WITH IT? Well inside the program there are links built in for ClickBank, RapBank, and CBLeads. If you haven't heard of these before I recommend using ClickBank, it has been very successful for me. So check out clickbank.com and become a member, read some articles on affiliate marketing, they can be found right on the website. Once you have learned enough you are ready to start using the Twittenator.

The first thing I want you to do is follow the link and watch Bill McCrea's video on the Twittenator.   This video explains the simplicity of this program.  Once I saw it, I was hooked.  It made it sound so easy to get started so I immediately began the $5 trial. I figured why not? If it doesn't work then it's only $5 down the drain, no big deal. Now I look back and laugh at myself having doubts about it. In that two week $5 trial I started four twitter accounts and at the end of the two weeks i had over 5000 followers all together and made $58 in sales on clickbank alone! So what did I do? The trial ended and I bought it for good this time and am still using it to this day. In fact you probably arrive on this page from one of my links sent out by the Twittenator!  Now it does seem like it costs a little too much at first, but trust me you will make it back within a month, then start making even more of a profit as time goes on...you gotta spend money to make money!

Okay so I'm sure by now you've seen the Twittenator website and saw all the hype they got going on in there. It's showing that Bill McCrea is making about $250 a week with this. TRUTH, you won't get rich off of this, but you can make that much a week...after a while of using the system. I'm making about $100 a week now and I've been using it a couple of months. But take $100 and multiply by 4, that's and extra $400 a month coming at me for a minimal amount of work. the more time and effort you put into this, the better your outcome will be as it is with anything in life.
Bill McCrea has over 50,000 followers and you can too. TRUTH, yes you can...but after months of using it and several twitter accounts. But in all honesty you don't need that many followers to make a few bucks just to get started. Take a close look at the images on the website twittenator.com, you can expect that.
Now the best TRUTH that I find on this website is the instructions you receive after downloading the product. They are 100% crystal clear, giving you step by step directions.

You won't make thousands of dollars a month online, I'm not going to lie to you, but the truth is that the Twittenator will make you some extra cash with very small effort.  You just have to use it effectively at it's full potential. So why not check it out?  Try it for two weeks and if you don't like it then forget about it.  Just visit twittenator.com 

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